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A different kind of PPC Management Company

We do one thing and one thing only….

…. We generate leads for your local, service based businesses by utilizing our super powers with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

Check out our case studies to see the results we have achieved for other business.

We don’t do SEO. We don’t do content creation. We don’t do social media posting. Certainly nothing wrong with those services, and if you have a massive budget to burn through and the patience of a monk those things have their place. 

But as a fellow small business owner, we know all too well long, slow marketing that is impossible to measure doesn’t help you meet your payroll or feed your family.

If you want immediate wins. Stupidly easy marketing that produces fast results there is nothing like PPC.

With that little rant out of the way here is the deal…

There are a hundreds of other companies that also offer this service.  What you will notice with most of other companies is they focus on one and only one PPC channel- Google Ads. 

Google Ads are certainly the main channel we use, but unlike the other guys, Google is not the only game in town and in nearly every case is also the most expensive channel.

The most affluent consumers are not always on Google!

And Google’s advertising market share continue to shrink year after year….so we follow the money and market your business where the wealthiest consumers are searching.  We fold this service into our core packages rather than charging your extra or ignoring reality.

Remarketing is also included….

We are the only PPC Management Agency that includes remarketing in ALL campaigns. Since Lead Generation and your success is our only focus, rather than trying to nickel and dime your bill to death we do not charge extra for remarketing—it is standard in all our campaigns.

Landing Pages and Testing….

The #1 mistake PPC advertisers make is not sending expensive clicks to a landing page. Since we obsess with your success, we only send your traffic to a landing page. No extra charges for this service!

We have a number of dialed in landing page designs, but because every market and business category is different we constantly test landing page designs to find winning set ups. No extra charge for this service. Reasonably priced Set up Charges.

Goodness, some companies charge massive prices just to launch a PPC Campaign.  In many cases, we wave these charges…speak with your enrollment counsellor to see if your campaign qualifies for a waiver of the set-up charges.

Even if your campaign doesn’t qualify for a waiver, our set up fees are among the lowest.

No-Long Term Commitment

While we recommend a three month commitment to get your campaign dialed in, if you are not seeing the numbers you want then we agree you should not be tethered to an expense that doesn’t make sense for your business.

Finally…..we stand behind our work.

Since PPC is all we do, we have a pretty solid handle on the numbers. Schedule a call, and we can walk you through the projections. If the campaign we create for you doesn’t meet those projections, we will work for free until you see those numbers.



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